Tailors in Latin America

Specialty in preparation of suits for horsemen, ladies and children. Rent of suits.

Fashion Sastreria

Specialty in preparation of suits for horsemen, ladies and children. Rent of suits.
Centro de Tegucigalpa, costado sur del parque Valle, Frente a Iglesia San Francisco de Asís. - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Sastre Express Academy

Academy of tailoring
Serv. tailoring, alteration original completion to suit the client
107 Ave. Juan Rosado
Arecibo P.R.
Frente al terminal sur de carros p - Arecibo - Puerto Rico

Clothing and fashion in América Latina
It is made for companies and schools uniforms, shirts, jackets, pants and denim Denim overalls in general. ...

Alquiler De Ternos Sofisticados Peru

Find your best look in tight body suits slim fit Peru for sale and rent. We serve Miraflores, Surco, San Isidro, La Molina, Jesus Maria, Pueblo Libre, Magdalena, San Miguel, Lince. After our attention schedule is LUN Quote - SAB are waiting !!!!
Av. General Garzon 1272 Suit 99B - Jesus Maria
Av. Brasil 1275 Tienda 99B (Cuadra 12 av Brasil) - Jesús María - Lima - Peru

Inversiones Simey

All kinds of school uniform or security guards are made , everything related to stationery, wooden furniture and metal and everything in metal and wood, photographs and processing of diplomas etc structure.
Col Arturo Quezada - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Ternos Willy Collezione

Ternos Willy Collezione Ter to us, chaqu?s, smoking, frag, for fianc2es and godfathers in Italian, Spanish and English fabrics custom-made customized service at home or office only ask for Willy.
Jr. Ernesto huambachano 160 El Bosque - Rímac - Lima - Peru

Uniforms in América Latina
Company dedicated to the preparation and sale of suits for work, with flame retardant fabrics, antacid, with reflective tape all fabrics are certified, especially for...

Maranatha Trajes de Novio

Maranatha Trajes de Novio Christian company that specializes in suits for the groom, best man and pages. smoking, frack, chaques, suits, Nehru, jackets, buttons, cufflinks, shoes, suspenders, belt.
Av Larco 345 Tda 116 / Calle Diez Canseco 414 Dpto 502 Miraflores - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Leonardo Huamani

D Y H Costuras

We are a company dedicated to making handmade clothing, have their own models.

We produce ladies dresses, stylized repair man, camisilla and stylish shirts.
Chitre - Chitré - Herrera - Panama


I offer uniforms passes professionals of the health (doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, laboratories) special for nurses, paramedical, medical technicians, matrons, dieticians and students of this area in universities and institutes and for beauty parlors or centers aesthetic.
Santiago ( solo venta en tereno) - Providencia - Santiago - Chile

Academies in América Latina
Educadu is a website that gathers thousands of post-graduation, university extension and language throughout Brazil and other countries, where they can get a desired course...

Printing houses in América Latina
Studio of graphic design, I impress, design Web, pages Web, hosting and dominions Internet, business cards, script writing, books, magazines, paper generally membretado, lodging Web....

Gli Abiti - Lavalliere

Gli Abiti - Lavalliere Company Peruvian representative of the best European brands, in addition to apparel suits, suits and shirts with the finest raw materials in the world coming from Italy, France, England, Spain, Brazil.

For the bride and groom have the finest silks in fintessile made in italy, special ceremony.

Recent cuts and models brought from Milan.
Av. Dos de mayo 1240 - San Isidro - Lima - Peru

Sastrería Agnes

Making of costumes for men and women. Coats, blouses and shirts. Variety of cashmere. "Ironing"
24 Oriente, num. 214, entre 2 y 4 Norte, por Plaza San Diego. C.P. 72760 - San Pedro Cholula - Puebla - Mexico